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God Spoke A Word Concerning You,

Are You Ready To Fulfill It?

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Meet Sophia

Hi, I'm Sophia. I'm a Christian author and life coach. My passion is to help people discover their purpose and live a fulfilling life.

I believe that everyone is uniquely designed by God for a purpose. You have been sent here on an assignment from heaven, created very intentionally for a specific purpose. God handcrafted you and sent you for such a time as this. It’s my assignment to help identity your why, and help you walk in purpose. Along the way, you may have lost your direction, and you don't know where to go from here to get back on track and fulfill your purpose. I can help you, by partnering with God, I provide a faith-based approach to coaching that not only focuses on achieving success but also on building a stronger and more intimate relationship with God. Are you ready to live on purpose?

My latest book is available on amazon! 

Order your copy of " But What Did God Say?' today!

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